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    How Cayman Leasing Works


    Lease a car from our inventory. You will be responsible for the cost of insurance, repairs, licensing, and maintenance throughout. To get behind the wheel you will be required to pay your first month a refundable security deposit and setup. Initial costs vary by vehicle and can be viewed in our Cayman Leasing Inventory section above.

    $100 Purchase Option

    Cayman Leasing is the home of the $100 purchase option! After you have successfully completed your lease, you can buy the car from us for you guessed it, 100 bucks!

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      Cayman Leasing FAQ’s

      What is the minimum age Cayman Leasing will approve?

      22 years of age or older.

      Do I have to pay for car insurance?

      Yes, the Monthly Insurance Plan starts at $89/month. Our fleet is insured by BritCay with comprehensive insurance.

      Where is Cayman Leasing located?

      The Cayman Leasing office is located at 70 Hospital Road in George Town.  If you are driving down Hospital Road towards the Hospital, you will see us on the right before you get to the 4-way stop.

      Do I need to schedule an appointment or can I just drop-in?

      It is entirely up to you. But to avoid disappointment such as the car being out on another test drive, we recommend you call us before at 945-2211.

      What funds are required to get behind the wheel?

      You will be required to pay your first month, a refundable security deposit and setup fee.

      The question I have isn’t in this list. What should I do?

      No worries, give Cayman Leasing a call at 945-2211 and we are happy to answer any other questions you might have!

      I’m new to the island, can I qualify?

      Yes – Welcome to Cayman!

      Are your refundable deposits fixed?

      The deposit amount varies based on each applicants individual circumstances and term selected.  These deposits are fully refundable at successful completion or can be used to complete the lease early.

      How long does your process take?

      We like to have you behind the wheel the business day after you make your first payment!

      Do Cayman Leasing vehicles come with warranties?

      No, but feel free to bring your mechanic with you to check the vehicle over for you. We want you to be fully comfortable before you drive away. You will be responsible for all future repairs to the vehicle once the lease begins.

      I am leasing a vehicle and I would like to pre-pay my remaining lease bills and purchase the car now. Can you help me calculate what remains?

      Click here to use our early payment calculator.

      Are the prices negotiable?

      Cayman Leasing operate’s a no-haggle business. Prices are non-negotiable. This transforms the car leasing or buying experience from a stressful, dreaded event into the honest, straightforward experience all people deserve.

      Are Cayman Leasing lease agreements a type of car loan?

      No, Cayman Leasing lease agreements are vehicle leases only. You will gain no equity in the vehicle from your monthly payments. At successful lease completion and only at successful lease completion you will have a $100 purchase option to buy the car from us at that point.

      How much is the document setup fee at Cayman Leasing?


      I would like to read a copy of your lease agreement?

      Happily — check the Cayman Leasing resources section above, you can email yourself a copy!

      What are your hours of operation at Cayman Leasing?

      Cayman Leasing is open Tuesday-Friday 1pm-6pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm.

      Can I sell the car I’m leasing from Cayman Leasing?

      No, until you are the owner you cannot sell the vehicle. If you would like to become the owner you can prepay your remaining lease payments and use your $100 purchase option to buy the car from Cayman Leasing early.

      How often should I service the vehicle?

      Cayman Leasing recommend’s you service the vehicle soon after you start your lease and from then on we recommend you read the manufacturer guidelines for servicing which is generally about every 3-4 months.

      I want to buy outright from Cayman Leasing – which vehicles can I select?

      Yes, all of Cayman Leasing’s vehicles are available for outright sale. Check the cash price in the Cayman Leasing inventory section above. We can also provide you with an invoice to take to your bank loan officer for these vehicles.

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